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4.2 ( 6352 ratings )
Игры Головоломки Образование Обучающие
Разработчик Cereal Games, Lda
1.99 USD

"The world is in peril! A very bad scientist, who for narrative purposes will be called Evil Guy, used his technological, Machiavellian and culinary skills, to build a climate-altering machine and ... a sausage pie!! It is up to you, yes you, dont look around, to destroy the machine and fix the geography of the planet Earth!"
Geo-GO: A geographical adventure!, was developed under a strong research basis, which involved teachers and students, so we could address the main difficulties in geography discipline.

It is a dynamic game that, without quizz type answers, teaches geography issues like:

Climate types;
World Biomes
Relative position
Absolute location
Political geography

...and many more!

Geo-GO comes with more than 60 puzzles and extra challenges. Battle epic fights with the bad guy to avoid eating the sausage pie.

This game is an excellent complement to classroom exercises and a easy and funny way to extend learning beyond school walls.